It's not happening

Okay, I'm going to make this clear now - GTA RP will not be launching. I have no authority to make this statement but you've seen how this community is going along.

Jackson and Mehdi are both incredibly incompetent individuals that have no idea how to run a community. Jackson was only here for financial support, and Mehdi was supposed to be the project lead (keyword: supposed). I mean, whose bright idea was it to give a twitch streamer the responsibility of making a highly experimental GTA RP server? That's like giving someone without political or military experience President of the United States.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say this is, that this is a failed project. Sorry to everyone who had faith in this, you're not the only one. I'm especially sorry to people who were generous enough to donate to this project. Sadly I'm in no power to refund anyone but I highly suggest that if you paid through PayPal, you refund it. Getting your money back is the least you deserve.

Also a quick shoutout to the staff team. (Below HA). You guys were amazing and put in crazy time and effort trying to make this big. Y'all rock.

Maybe I'll see everyone in a different community.